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[Album] Haruomi Hosono – Monad Box [MP3 + FLAC / CD / RAR]

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細野晴臣 – Monad Box
Released: 2002
Genre: Electronic
Bitrate: FLAC & MP3 V0 VBR

RAR / 727 MB; RAR / 279 MB


Disc 1 – Mercuric Dance (1985)

[1]Sunnyside of the Water
[2]Mercuric Dance
[3]Formation of the Venus
[4]Down to the Earth
[5]Fossil of Flame ~ Fifty Bell-Trees
[6]Prepared Quartz
[7]Sea of Tau
[8]Windy Land
[9]To the Air

Disc 2 – Paradise View (1985)

[1]The Image of a Paradise
[2]The Image of a View
[3]Mabui Dance
[4]Yuta’s Pray
[6]Wheels on Fire
[7]The Truck on the Sea
[8]Roochoo Jazz
[9]The Paradise View

Disc 3 – The Endless Talking (1986)

[1]Mercury Fall
[2]The Animal’s Opinion
[3]Insects Insists Insecurity
[4]The Long Story of a Humankind
[5]The First One in Heaven
[6]Sequential Opera Circuit
[7]Trembling #1
[8]The Endless Talking
[9]Scratched – Szymanowsky – Bird
[10]Digitally Sampled Ethnography
[11]La Pliocena
[13]Trembling #2

Disc 4 – Coincidental Music (1985)

[2]Pietro Germi
[4]The Man of China
[6]Mazinger “H”
[7]The Plan
[8]Nokto de la Galaksia Fervojo
[9]George Don
[10]Bio Philosophy
[11]Memphis, Milano



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